Agile-System Development Methodology – Point to Remember

Agile Development:

-Dictionary meaning of agile is ‘able to move quickly and easily’.

-Agile allows the programmer to just start writing a program without spending much time on preplanning documentation.

-Less importance is placed on formal paper-based deliverables, with the preference being to produce releasable software in short iterations, typically ranging from 4 to 8 weeks.

-At the end of each iteration, the team considers and documents what worked well and what could have worked better, and identifies improvements to be implemented in subsequent iterations.

-Some programmers prefer agile because they do not want to be involved in tedious planning exercises.

Point to remember for CISA Exam:

(1)In any given scenario, major risk associated with agile development is lack of documentation.

(2)In any given scenario, in agile approach reviews are done to identify lessons learned for future use in the project.