Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We generally get lot of queries on CISA exam study pattern. We produce here FAQs for the benefit of all the CISA Aspirants:

FAQ  1: I am planning to appear for CISA Exam in month of Dec-17. Due to office work pressure not able to give enough time. Please suggest study strategy ?

Answer: Let us have step wise planning:

Step 1: Within next 30 days, please complete 30 day strategy from following link: day-strategy-for-cisa-success/

This will not take half an hour per day.

Step 2: Simultaneously see below mentioned video tutorials and attempt corresponding mock test. Atleast daily one video and one mock test. domain-1-testing-concepts/ domain-2-testing-concepts/ domain-3-testing-concepts/ domain-4-testing-concepts/ domain-5-testing-concepts/

Both the above steps should not take more than 2 months.

Once you complete both the steps you will have sufficient confidence to fight your battle against isaca.

However, step 3 is essential to sharpen your axes.

Step 3:

Purchase database from isaca. It will cost you 175$. But I strongly recommend this investment.

Complete full database atleast 4 times and game over.

Step 4:

Read CRM (CISA review manual). No need to buy this book. Try to arrange from some friends. Old version will also do.

If required, you can buy latest version from here:

Please do call/whatsapp at 91-9833115975 for any further information.

All the best dear.

FAQ 2: Do you have any platform where I can test my preparedness before sitting for actual cisa exam?

Answer: Please attempt below mock tests. They have been prepared considering ISACA’s CISA Exam pattern. Questions are designed as per Official ISACA’s resources. Questions are arranged considering domain-wise weightage in actual CISA Exam.

FAQ 3: I was planning to do CISA and I had no idea where to start. So one of my friends recommended you as a mentor as he said you were very helpful. So I bought the books and I started with the First domain ie, The Process of Auditing Information Systems. So I came across these auditing standards. My questions are:

1) Is there a need to mug-up these 17 standards?

2) Should I expect questions directly from these standards. For example , Choose from the below options the appropriate statement of  Audit Standard 1300.1 ?

Answer: No need to mug up. For exam point of view, standards are useless.  Do not expect a single question on such standards directly.

FAQ  4: CISA Review Manual (CRM) is very dry and boring? To be honest, not able to concentrate? Is there any alternative? Can I Skip CRM and only concentrate on your videos?

Answer: Nope. You cannot ignore CRM. So let us make CRM interesting. We have created CISA FLASHCARD (which covers important concept from CRM). Before reading CRM, please attempt flashcards atleast twice and then see the magic. You will start loving CRM (I am serious. Do write me if you still hate CRM  J)

Link to CISA Flashcards :

FAQ  5: Do you have any reference for CISA Study Group?

Answer: Yes. I myself is a part of a CISA Study Group created in telegram. It is very active group wherein CISA Aspirants actively discuss about CISA studies. Many senior members are there for guidance. You need to download telegram first in your mobile to join the group.

Link of this group: CISA Active Aspirant

FAQ  6: What is difference between online database and QAE Book? I already have the book. Should I buy the DB?

Answer: Both have same content. Database is online version of book. Book version will suffice. But I want you to cover each question at least three times before exam. Also pay attention to explanation part.

FAQ  7 : I am getting 70% in MOCK tests on your website Am i ready for CISA exam ? I want to take test in next 15 days ?

Answer: I will not be comfortable for any score less than 90 %. Work on the wrong answers and reattempt the mock tests until you score 90 % or more.

FAQ 8: Why you emphasis more on database questions?

Answer: For following reasons:

(i)If you have worked on DB questions, in actual CISA exam you will not find any surprises with respect to framing of questions, almost identical options, language (OMG they use such a language, any novice will spend 4 hours in understanding the questions only). If you have practiced DB questions, you will be comfortable with all these parameters.

(ii)If you are lucky, you may find similar or identical questions from DB (not more than 10 though).

(iii)DB will help you to track and monitor your domain-wise progress/preparation.

FAQ 9: Any chances of topic being asked in actual cisa exam out of syllabus?

Answer: Rest assured that all the questions will be framed on the basis of concepts available in CRM. Not a single question outside the syllabus.

FAQ 10: Do I need to remember of task statements and corresponding knowledge statements?

Answer: Please don’t do that. All Task & Knowledge statements will be irrelevant during 4 hours of CISA exam. Instead try to understand concepts.

FAQ 11: I really liked your E-book on ‘Firewall Implementation’. How do I get books for other testing concepts ?

Answer: All E-books are available at Smashwords and Amazon Kindle. Please note for CISA aspirant who have not yet started earning, you can email us [email protected] for complimentary copies.

FAQ 12: I am from non-IT background and CRM seems to be too technical for me. I have purchased all the testing concepts of Hemang Doshi. But as of now he has not covered full syllabus. Any work around?
Answer: Yes Agreed. Hemang Doshi has concentrated only on important concepts as of now. For non-IT Audit background aspirants, we highly recommend “ All in One” by Peter Gregory. Technicalities are superbly simplified by Peter.
Peter’s book can be purchased by below link:

FAQ 13: Now its proven fact that nothing in the world will motivate me to read complete CRM. I have tried end number of things but that book is so dry. Please help?

Answer: Ha ha. Universal Problem.  No worry. We have instances where people have passed without referring to CRM. But still we recommend covering atleast below topics from CRM:

Important Topics – CISA Review Manual