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After launch of Hemang Doshi’s CISA Video series, there was huge demand for simplified text version for CISA Studies.  This book has designed on the basis of official resources of ISACA with more simplified and lucid language and explanation. Book has been designed considering following objectives:

  • CISA aspirants with non-technical background can easily grasp the subject.
  • Use of SmartArts to review topics at the shortest possible time.
  • Topics have been profusely illustrated with diagrams and examples to make the concept more practical and simple.
  • To get good score in CISA, 2 things are very important. One is to understand the concept and second is how to deal with same in exam. This book takes care of both the aspects.
  • Topics are aligned as per official CISA Review Manual. This book can be used to supplement CRM.
  • Questions, Answers & Explanations (QAE) are available for each topic for better understanding. QAEs are designed as per actual exam pattern.
  • Book contains last minute revision for each topic.
  • We will feel immensely rewarded if CISA aspirants find this book helpful in achieving grand success in academic as well as professional world.
  • We will highly appreciate the feedback and suggestions for further improvement of the book. Author can be reached at [email protected].

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