IT Alignment with Business Objectives-Point to Remember

Points to remember for CISA exam: IT Alignment with Business Objectives

(1)In any given scenario, IT processes should be aligned as per business requirement.

Close alignment is evident when there is a clear mapping, linking or cascading of IT strategy to business strategy hence ensuring that IT supports business objectives.

(2)In any given scenario, business processes and objectives should always be driver for IT requirement. When formulating the IT strategy, the prime consideration should be business objectives.

(3)In any given scenario, the very first step in reviewing an organization’s IT strategic plan is to review/understand the business plan.

(4)Information security to be effective should be in line with enterprise requirements. Hence enterprise requirements should form the basis of security requirements

(5)To govern IT effectively, IT and business should be moving in the same direction, requiring that the IT plans should be  aligned with an organization’s business plans.

(6)In any given scenario, IT alignment with business objective can be best assured by involvement of top management. Top management who are very well aware of business objectives can derive maximum benefit from information system by way of structure alignment.

(7)When formulating the IT strategy, the enterprise must consider:

-business objectives

– risks and benefits they can bring to the business;

-cost of current IT and whether this provides sufficient value to the business