Testing in SDLC-Point to Remember

Point to remember for CISA Exam – Testing in SDLC

(1)ISACA will try to confuse us with three terms i.e. regression testing, sociability testing and interface testing. Please remember difference between the three. Regression (dictionary meaning- ‘to return’) is test to check again that changes/modifications have not introduced any new errors.  Sociability (dictionary meaning- ‘’ability to have companionship with others’) is test to determine adoptability of new system to settle in existing environment. Integration (dictionary meaning-‘to connect’) is test to ensure flow of information between two or more system is correct and accurate.

(2)In any given scenario, for unit testing appropriate strategy is white box approach (as both involve testing of internal logic).

(3)In any given scenario, test data should be designed as per live workload for accurate test result.

(4)In any given scenario, test environment should always be used (i.e. test should not be conducted in live/production environment).