IT Balanced Score Card-Point to Remember

Points to remember for CISA Exam-IT Balanced Score Card

(1)In any given scenario, three indicators of IT balanced scorecard is (a) customer satisfaction (b) internal processes and (c) ability to innovate.

(2)Though financial performance is an indicator of generic balanced scorecard, it is not part of IT balanced scorecard.

(3)In any given scenario, use of IT balanced scorecard is the most effective means to aid the IT strategy committee and management in achieving the IT governance through proper IT & business alignment.

(4)In any given scenario, success of IT scorecard depends upon involvement of senior management in IT strategy planning.

(5)In any given scenario, primary objective of IT balanced scorecard is to optimize the performance.

(6)In any given scenario, key performance indicators (KPIs) need to be defined before implementing IT balanced scorecard.