Roles of various functions of IT-Point to Remember

Point to remember for CISA Exam: Roles of various functions:

Board of directors:

IT governance is primarily the responsibility of the board of directors.

Strategy Committee:

Role of strategy committee is to advise board on IT initiative. Strategy committee generally consists of board members and specialized non-board members.  

Steering Committee:

The role of an IT steering committee is to ensure that the IS department is in harmony with the organization’s mission and objectives. To ensure this, the committee must determine whether IS processes support the business requirements.

The IT steering committee monitors and facilitates deployment of IT resources for specific projects in support of business plans.

Project Steering Committee:

A project steering committee usually consists of a senior representative from each function that will be affected by the new system. They provide overall direction and monitors costs and project schedules & timetables.

The project steering committee is ultimately responsible for all costs and timetables of the project.

The function of the steering committee is to ensure the success of the project. If there are factors

or issues that potentially could affect planned results, the steering committee should escalate them.

User Management:

User management assumes ownership of the project and the resulting system. They review and approve deliverables as they are defined and accomplished.

System Development Management:

System development management provides technical support for the hardware and software environments by developing, installing and operating the requested system.

Project Sponsor:

The project sponsor is the manager in charge of the business function, the owner of the data and the owner of the system under development. Providing functional specifications through functional users is the responsibility of the project sponsor.