Wireless (Wi-Fi)Security-Point to Remember

Points to remember for CISA Exam-Wireless (Wi-Fi) Security

(1)In any given scenario, following are the best practises for Wireless (Wi-Fi) security:

(a)Enable MAC (Media Access Control) address filtering.

(b)Enable Encryption to protect data in transit.

(c)Disable SSID (service set identifier) broadcasting.

(d)Disable DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol).

(2)In any given scenario, ‘War Driving’ technique is used by hacker for for unauthorised access to wireless infrastructure. War driving is a technique in which wireless equipped computer is used to locate and gain access to wireless networks.  Same is done by driving or walking in and around building. ‘War Driving’ is also used by auditors to test wireless.

(3)In any given scenario, WPA-2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access) is the strongest encryption standard for the wireless connection.

(4)In any given scenario, confidentiality of the data transmitted in a wireless LAN is BEST protected, if the session is encrypted using dynamic keys (as compared to static keys)