CISA Exam-Study Guide announces launch of book for cisa (certified information system auditor) studies. Book has been written with following objectives:

  • This book has designed on the basis of official resources of ISACA with more simplified and lucid language and explanation.
  • CISA aspirants with non-technical background can easily grasp the subject.
  • Use of SmartArts to review topics at the shortest possible time.
  • Topics have been profusely illustrated with diagrams and examples to make the concept more practical and simple.
  • Questions, Answers & Explanations (QAE) are available for each topic for better understanding. QAEs are designed as per actual exam pattern.
  • Book contains last minute revision for each topic.
  • Click here to view the free version of the book.

About Us

We are bunch of Audit professionals eager to help CISA aspirants to fight their battle against ISACA. We ourselves fought our battle several years ago and realized that ISACA is a stubborn and strong enemy with 5 heavy weight bulldozers to crush CISA aspirants.

Nevertheless, you need not worry. At we have all the strategies not only to defend ourselves to achieve the certification but at same time attack ISACA to gain top percentile.

Ready to start your battle:

Domain 1 – Testing Concepts

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Domain 5 – Testing Concepts

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CISA Success Stories from Achievers

Dear CISA Aspirants,

Why roam in wilderness when we already have paths defined ? Let us hear strategy from achievers themselves. Below mentioned prominent personalities who have already proved their excellence in field of IS security,audit & control having global experience are here to mentor us:

Arzu Kutukcu-Turkey

Arzu is a certified information system auditor and computer engineer with vast knowledge and experience  in IT Audits.

Her CISA success story:
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My 30 days CISA experience – By Mr. Hari Chand

Every professional wants to stand out in the crowd by differentiating them with Knowledge and Expertise. Certification is one of the proofs confirming that the person really has it.

“Choose your path or others may choose it for you” – Julieanne O’Connor

When I first saw the above quote, I thought it was giving me a strong message that I have to be prepared for what I want before others prepare me for what they want.

Since then I was planning for a career than just a job giving me money. When we are looking for career, it’s always good to have some documents supporting our expertise and when we have expertise getting certifications becomes easier.  Continue reading My 30 days CISA experience – By Mr. Hari Chand


One more avenue for qualified CISA (Certified Information System Auditors)-Mandatory IS Audit for Insurance Companies

In the wake of recent cyber attacks on the financial sector, the Hyderabad-based Insurance Regulatory Authority of India has issued a comprehensive cyber security framework offering guidance for insurers.
A detailed control check list for the effective implementation of these guidelines is also been issued.
These guidelines are applicable to all insurers. In case of intermediaries and other regulated entries with whom the policyholder information is being shared, it would be the responsibility of insurers to ensure that adequate mechanisms are put in place to ensure that the issues related to information and cyber security are addressed.
Insurers who have not completed three years from the date of commencement of business are exempted from the requirement of a full-time person appointed as Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). However, the CISO responsibility may be taken care by any of the functionaries reporting to Board. All other requirements stipulated in the guidelines document shall be applicable to these insurers.
IRDAI also mandates information system audit for all the insurance company with following details:
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25 CISA Questions-A must know for CISA Aspirants

Saddam is a very well known IT security expert in Bangladesh having prestigious certificates and degrees like CEH, OCA, MCTS, MCP.

Through his wide experience of information audit, information security, pentest, database and core banking software, he supports and guides the CISA aspirants from all over the globe.

He has identified 25 questions (5 questions per domain) that every CISA aspirants appearing in 2017 should know. Continue reading 25 CISA Questions-A must know for CISA Aspirants


Advise from the Master – Mr Naresh Gupta-CISA,CISM,CRISC,CISSP,CCSP,B Tech (Computer Science)

I passed the CISA exam in June 2016 with a score of 632 (in top 10 % of the world).”
I started my study with Review Manual & Questions Bank in Feb 2016. I also joined whatsapp group where Hemang Doshi, Anita, Upen Patel, lulu were quite active members. Main challenge for me was to concentrate on study after my Btech in 1990 ( long 26 years gap). It was very difficult to focus on CRM which was not user friendly. Then I learnt art of focus, motivation & belief system. This helped me a lot to focus on CRM & question bank which i revised 2-3 times. Continue reading Advise from the Master – Mr Naresh Gupta-CISA,CISM,CRISC,CISSP,CCSP,B Tech (Computer Science)


Shweta Rai’s CISA Study Notes

Shweta is a very well known buddy in CISA whatsapp group. She is the reason behind success of many cisa achievers. Her notes are in much demand for the ease of language and simplicity of the concepts. I personally know some candidates who even didn’t purchase isaca’s database and solely relied on shweta’s question-answer session in whatsapp group and cleared CISA in first attempt. We can reach shweta at

We are grateful to her for sharing her notes for our benefits: Continue reading Shweta Rai’s CISA Study Notes


Abbasi Mirza (AB)’s CISA Study Notes

AB  is a qualified Chartered Accountant from ICAI and also having prestigious qualifications such as CFE and CISA. Through his wide  experience and positive attitude he has been instrumental and mentor for many cisa aspirants to get CISA certification. We can reach him at

‘AB’ as we lovingly call Abbasi Mirza shares his success quote:

“Success comes to those who never stop dreaming…. Life is rocking, until you keep yourself joking….” Continue reading Abbasi Mirza (AB)’s CISA Study Notes